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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

One of the top Astrology podcasts for more than a decade, Hermetic Astrology Podcast features illuminating, inspirational and transformative correspondence between the primal powers of Above & Below
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Dec 22, 2008

Adam & Gary talk about the Solstice New Moon and the birth of ....Mars? Yep, Mars will be born into visibility in the same degrees of the Zodiac that the Goddess smiled to us from on Dec 1 at the Moon, Venus, Jupiter alignment!

Dec 11, 2008

The Dark Side of the...Venus! Adam & Gary discuss the astounding Venus synastry amongst the band members of Pink Floyd -as well as some upcoming Venus transits.

Nov 29, 2008

My good friend Adam Gainsburg of joins me to continue the discussion of the Venus journey we began back in August. Be sure not to miss the amazing triple conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter on Dec 1 !!!

Nov 11, 2008

After an historic election, follow along with my narration of the African American Oddyssey and see the historical parallels with the 3-step process of Transformation of Goddess Astrology and the Asteroid Goddesses. View the charts on the Goddess Astrology MySpace Blog. Music from my Dreamastrologer profile on YouTube

Oct 27, 2008

Another look at the recent Grand Cross of "minor planets" -regarding the financial crisis, both Presidential Candidates & the US chart. Also a look ahead at the synodic cycles and retrograde phases of the Goddesses.