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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

One of the top Astrology podcasts for more than a decade, Hermetic Astrology Podcast features illuminating, inspirational and transformative correspondence between the primal powers of Above & Below
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Jan 25, 2020

First Gary shares the basic qualities of Venus, which make up Her magic. Next we talk about Venus' dignities -or favorite zones in the Zodiac where She is most powerful. And finally we discover the magic of Venus' astronomy, and why the current cycle holds abundant potential not seen for hundreds of years!

Jan 8, 2020

Gary shares his unique view of this conjunction by showing how the long-running Saturn-Pluto parallel which is culminating in the conjunction of Jan 12 can be seen to be releasing energy similar to the birth of a child after a long difficult labor. He also compares it to planting magical seeds, like Jack and the Beanstalk.