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Apr 2, 2012

Maya scholar Marguerite Paquin joins me to talk about the energies of the day "4 Ajaw" which occurs next on April 5, 2012. This is the same day that was in place on the first day of this current Great Cycle of time in 3114 B.C., and this is the day that will return to conclude this cycle on Dec. 21st of this year. So, this is a very important energy to understand, as it underlies the much talked about transition of the Mayan long count calendar.
Join us as we talk about possible strategies for personal ritual on April 5 to align yourself with the energies of this Great Cycle which rebirths on Dec 21, and become an agent to birth a New Era
You can find much more info about authentic Mayan astrology, Marguerite, and her Book Manual for the Soul at