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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waning crescent Moon, visible in the eastern morning sky on Wednesday and Thursday March 26-27 2014, at dawn, symbolizes the 2nd of 7 steps or gates on a journey of purification, discipline and self-examination which lasts thru the summer.

Gary relates this step to the higher or transcendent principles of Mercury, which are spiritual growth and self-actualization. We also explore this conjunction's square to Saturn and trine to Vesta as they relate to the principles of cronos/kairos and the theme of "doing time" vs creating "sacred time."

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waning crescent Moon, visible in the eastern morning sky on Tuesday and Wednesday February 25-26 2014, at dawn, symbolizes the 1st of 7 steps or gates on a journey of purification, discipline and self-examination which lasts thru the summer.
Gary relates this step to the higher principles of the Moon, transcendance of Self and nurturance of the spiritual growth of others. We also explore this conjunction via the sabian symbol, stars and nodes involved.

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Gary delineates the chart for this important conjunction that resonates for the next 9 months. Tune in to hear him talk about the Trans-personal dimension of Venus who is clearing the fields of Capricorn and fecundating potentials for more tangible expressions of renewal from Pluto in Capricorn. We also look at Ceres in Libra and how She can help us become agents of transformation for these transpersonal processes. Finally we look at the personal dimension of experiencing Kairos or sacred time via Vesta and Saturn.

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Thursday December 5, after dusk, symbolizes the 7th of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal, wholeness and self-discovery which has lasted the second half of the year.
Gary relates this 7th step to the higher principles of the Moon: manifestation of our own highest spiritual truths and nurturance of the spiritual growth of others.
Tune in to hear Gary relate this to both the alchemical and psychological process of sublimation, the channeling of the desire nature into Art.

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Wednesday November 6, after dusk, symbolizes the 6th of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal, wholeness and self-discovery which lasts the rest of the year.
Gary relates this 5th step to the higher principles of Mercury: personal growth via embodiment of our androgynous qualities and integration of masculine/feminine.
Tune in to hear Gary relate how integrated communication is made of and conveys both words and images and is meant to educe or bring out our inner potentials.

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Tuesay October 8, after dusk, symbolizes the 5th of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal, wholeness and self-discovery which lasts the rest of the year.
Gary relates this 5th step to the the principles of Venus: feelings, values and the inner life. Also involved are the beautiful stars Antares and Regulus, as well as the planet Mars. Tune in to hear Gary relate how the Venus-Mars square can be used to awaken to the reality of the Soul.

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Sunday September 8, after dusk, symbolizes the 4th of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal, wholeness and self-discovery which lasts the rest of the year.
Gary relates this 4th step to the the principles of The Sun: self-awareness, self-discovery and dharma or spiritual purpose. Also involved is the beautiful star Spica, which represents the gift of Agriculture from the Goddess Demeter. Tune in to hear Gary tell a seldom heard part of that beautiful story.

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Fri Aug 9 after dusk, symbolizes the 3rd of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal and wholeness for the rest of the year. Tune in to find out more!

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with a waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky on Wed July 10 after dusk, symbolizes the 2nd of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal and wholeness for the rest of the year. Tune in to find out more!

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The gorgeous conjunction of Venus with the waxing crescent Moon, visible in the western evening sky tonight after dusk, symbolizes the first of 7 steps or gates on a journey of renewal and wholeness for the rest of the year. Tune in to find out more!

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Venus is being joined by Mercury and Jupiter in the Western sky at dusk. She is crossing her own N Node and heading "out of bounds" for a few weeks. Tune in to hear what this means and how you can notice and use it in your life.

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Venus has returned from Her UnderWorld journey and is now visible again in the Western evening sky at dusk. Tune in to hear how we can look for the first shoots of new growth in our lives as a parallel to this Cosmic phenomenon, and how these represent the first steps on a transformative journey that will take us through the end of the year.

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Gary explains how this conjunction contains the seed of our Venusian experiences for the next 9 months, and how this seed comes from the culmination of our experiences from the previous 9 months -since the conjunction in Gemini last June. Tune in to hear how to find out what this all means for you!

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Sherene Schostak joins me once again to talk about Project 40 and lend her Jungian perspective to Mercury retrograde in Pisces and the Yod that is forming between Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.

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Sherene Schostak joins us to offer her perspective as a Jungian psychotherapist and invite us to take a 40 day journey through the desert of the Psyche. Project 40 is her creation and is designed as a creative way to engage in the alchemical process of psycho-spiritual transformation. Listen in to find out some of what the next 40 days have in store astrologically, and the benefits of experiencing it via a Red Book style Jungian journaling journey.

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The 7th conjunction of Venus and the Moon since her 4 months in Gemini occurred on February 9th. This corresponds to the 7th gate, the root chakra, the planet Saturn, our personal authority and the structures upon which our lives are based. Tune in as Gary elucidates in his inimitable style how we are being stripped down in this area in order to integrate our Shadow natures, so that we can be reborn and shine our Light with Venus as She enters the evening sky in May.

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The 6th conjunction of Venus and the Moon since her 4 months in Gemini occurred on Jan 10. This corresponds to the 6th gate, the sacral chakra, the planet Jupiter, our personal philosophy and the stories we tell ourselves. Tune in as Gary elucidates in his inimitable style how we are being stripped down in this area in order to integrate our Shadow natures, so that we can be reborn and shine our Light with Venus as She enters the evening sky in May.

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The 5th conjunction of Venus and the Moon since her 4 months in Gemini occurred Dec 11. This corresponds to the 5th gate, the solar plexus chakra, the planet Mars and the proper use of our will. Tune in as Gary elucidates in his inimitable style how we are being stripped down in this area in order to integrate our Shadow natures, so that we can be reborn and shine our Light with Venus as She enters the evening sky next year.

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Within the next week we have a Solar eclipse, the 4th gate on Venus' (Inanna's) descent and Mercury entering the throne room of the King. Tune in to find out what it's all about!

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Tune in as Gary uncovers the deeper meanings and purposes of Venus' ingress of Virgo, and Her passage through the third gate of Her descent to the Underworld. The portents of Jupiter's retrograde station ( on the Transit of Venus point ) and Saturn's departure from Libra and entrance into Scorpio are revealed as well.

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Gary advises that the Watery energies of the Unconscious are inundating from several directions and gives advice on how we can successfully cope with this powerful energetic influx. Be sure to tune in as he illustrates how this compelling process is happening on 3 levels -via Venus' 2nd conjunction with the Moon in her "Descent" phase, the Mercury retrograde cycles going into the Water element and the 2nd of 7 Uranus Pluto squares.

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After 4 months in Gemini, Venus has finally moved into Cancer, where She is forming a Cardinal t-square to the transpersonal outer planets Uranus and Pluto.
Gary breaks this all down, first in terms of the Venus visual or synodic cycle and also in terms of the much longer cycle regarding the recent Transit of Venus, the last we will see in our lives. This is the personal Revolution, which is taking place over the next 7 months.
Next, Gary breaks down the Uranus-Pluto cycle, which frames the current squares, in order to clarify what the current collective or Trans-personal Revolution seems to really be about.
Gary then puts it all back together to describe how we can first enter into a personal Revolution, which is then put into service toward the collective Revolution

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Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign joins us again to continue the discussion from last time. Now that Venus has stationed direct, She approaches her greatest brilliance as morning star.
Meanwhile, Venus is part of a stellium of Goddesses forming in the early degrees of Gemini near some prominent fixed stars, where we recently experienced an annular solar eclipse. 

Join Gary and Adam for a multidimensional exploration of the truly breathtaking, heart-inspiring alignments involving no less than 6 celestial bodies:  Venus,
Aldebaran, Ceres, Jupiter, Vesta and the Pleiades.

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Venus is making her heliacal rise or first visible appearance as Morning Star. Join us as Gary and Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign delineate this appearance as well as the fascinating alignment which follows at Venus' direct station. Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct and also aligned visually on the Urmaga line or Path of the Magi. Tune in to find out what this all means!

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Marguerite Paquin, my good friend and Mayan scholar, joins us once again to discuss the upcoming eclipse, the Transit of Venus and the return of Venus as Morning Star in terms of Mayan cosmology. Don't miss this one as she lays out the 3 step process of transformation for the feathered serpent God which we can all emulate to navigate through this challenging Venus Rx period.
Find out more about authentic Mayan astrology via Marguerite's site www.whitepuppress.ca

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Mayan scholar Marguerite Paquin joins us once again to tell us the true prophecy for 2012, what that will look like and what we each need to do about it. Gary weaves a basket of Western astrology wisdom to hold these Mayan gems, and illustrates how the alchemical process of transformation is being driven by the Goddesses Venus, Pallas and Ceres as we proceed into this profound summer of awakening.
You can find the full two hour interview with Marguerite at her website

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Maya scholar Marguerite Paquin joins me to talk about the energies of the day "4 Ajaw" which occurs next on April 5, 2012. This is the same day that was in place on the first day of this current Great Cycle of time in 3114 B.C., and this is the day that will return to conclude this cycle on Dec. 21st of this year. So, this is a very important energy to understand, as it underlies the much talked about transition of the Mayan long count calendar.
Join us as we talk about possible strategies for personal ritual on April 5 to align yourself with the energies of this Great Cycle which rebirths on Dec 21, and become an agent to birth a New Era
You can find much more info about authentic Mayan astrology, Marguerite, and her Book Manual for the Soul at www.whitepuppress.ca

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Venus is shining as high and bright in the sky as she ever gets, and she is joined by the 2nd brightest planet Jupiter, in a magnificent evening sky display of celestial beauty and grandeur. Come join Gary on a journey of discovery into what this might mean using the Sabian Symbols as guideposts on the Heroine's journey.

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Gary continues the conversation on Mars Rx with Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign. We cover the brightest apparition of Mars for the next two years. Then Gary relates this to Mercury and his upcoming retrograde transformation. Lots of insights packed into a relatively short show!

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Adam Gainsburg of SoulSign joins Gary to discuss Mars stationing retrograde, the energies which this is activating (including several of the Goddesses) and strategies for navigating this territory.

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The 3rd of 3 consecutive total Lunar eclipses is now entering our experience. Gary breaks this one down in terms of the individual constellations, stars and symbols involved and puts it back together in terms of the common themes. These themes represent a chance to connect to deep primal knowledge within us which we can use to catalyze growth and bring forth the future.

Ze Unwin, a long time podcast listener, joins us to share her personal journey of becoming. By intentionally following the Venus cycle, and sharing Her journey, Ze became a facilitator of Goddess retreats for women. The experiences these women share are transformational and inspirational, so be sure to listen in and also visit Ze at www.Razena.net

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Arielle Guttman joins us to talk about her ground-breaking new book Venus Star Rising. This book is all about the 5 pointed star which Venus traces in the heavens via her conjunctions with the Sun. Venus only makes these important conjunctions in 5 signs at any given time. Arielle calls these the Venus Star Points (VSP), and they have to do with the concept of Eros – “an energy of creation…that existed before anything else…a deeply moving creative life force.”

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The Full Moon is activating the Uranus-Pluto squares via their mid-point. In other words, it is stirring up the interior of this aspect, the heart and soul and guts of what it is, and lighting that up for all the World to witness and become aware. Two lesser known archetypes it is showing us are the centaur planet Nessus and the constellation Cygnus the Swan. Listen in as Eric Francis of Planet Waves tells us the story of the centaur Nessus. And be sure to e-mail Gary (via DreamAstrologer dot com ) for two free articles on Cygnus' role in the Uranus-Pluto squares!

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Venus is moving into Leo where she will join up with the Sun at 24 Leo on August 16. Gary discusses how this energy is manifesting via the Jungian concept of Enantiodromia or tension of opposites. Listen in for ways to identify and understand this tension when you see it and begin to flow with and use it creatively in your own life.

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As the Uranus-Pluto squares begin to get tighter we have big news on both sides of the Pond. Gary and Eric Francis talk about the English tabloid scandal as well as the American "debt crisis" in terms of these squares, their mid-point and Ceres at the vernal point

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Eric Francis of Planet Waves joins Gary to discuss the Cancer ingress chart, cast for the moment of the Sun's passage across the Summer Solstice point. This forecast has a shelf life of at least 3 months, so if you haven't had enough spare coin to consult your friendly neighborhood astrologer of late, then be sure to pay attention, because this discussion has some of the same quality practical advice you will get in a personalized reading from any solid professional.

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This is part of a talk I gave a few years ago about the cycle of the Year and how it relates to the other cycles in Astrology as well as the Tarot. Very beginner friendly. See my Soul Sign Horoscopes blog for the visuals and how it relates to President Obama's chart. My premium subscribers get instant access to my archives of over 6o files like this, about 2 gb of quality astrology info, including articles, audio and video.

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In honor of the Lunar Eclipse, here's a segment of my 3-22-11 talk for Asheville Friends of Astrology where I go over the Nodes in Muhammad Ali's chart (1-17-42 6:35p Louisville KY) and give several strategies for working with Eclipses and the transiting Lunar Nodes in your own chart. My premium subscribers get instant access to my archives of over 6o files like this, about 2 gb of quality astrology info, including articles, audio and video.

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Eclipse season is upon us again, so I'm sharing the first part of my very popular lecture for the Mid-Hudson NCGR group, recorded earlier this year while I was out on my Illumination Tour of the NE. We cover the mythology and astronomy of the Nodes and thus Eclipses.

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Morning Sky magick is afoot! The conjunctions between Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Aries and Taurus represent new appearances in the Sky and also in our Lives. Gary goes through each of the 12 signs to give ideas how these may manifest for you. We also talk about recurrence transits and how to track and take advantage of the rare opportunities that recurrences represent.

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The Black Moon is in Aries now, having recently crossed the Vernal Point. Kelly hunter joins me to talk about this and the elusive archetype that is Lillith.

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Mercury is stationary direct in Aries and making his appearance in the Eastern sky at Dawn. This sets the stage for Mars and Jupiter's appearances over the next couple weeks. Gary explains his neo-classical approach to working with the elements and shares some tools for discerning and managing this fiery appearance in your own life.

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Mercury Retrograde is a signal that it is time to clear the fields of our psyche and our lives to prepare for planting the seeds of a new cycle. Listen in as Gary explains the 4 month synodic cycle of Mercury, how this organic metaphor works and why it is so practical, useful and indeed possibly even Revolutionary.

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Venus is approaching Her 4th conjunction with the balsamic Moon in her descent from her previous maximum brightness to her eventual invisibility. This symbolizes the 4th gate which Inanna passes on her way to the Underworld where she was removed of her breastplate. Ray Grasse joins me to talk about the Heart chakra and gives us a guided meditation to help work with these energies.

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The SuperMoon falls across the Cardinal axis along with the Lunar Nodes and Uranus. Listen in as Gary explains the Dragon mythology and the phenomenology of the Lunar Nodes. Find out how Uranus and the SuperMoon being at the North and South Bending of the Nodes relates to recent events and what it could mean in your life.

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Uranus crosses the vernal point this week and enters Aries. Find out how this represents a radical departure from the energetic climate of the last 7 years and how it affects both the Venus and Pisces archetypes. Gary also talks about some webinar workshop opportunities and his upcoming Illumination Tour of the NE.

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Venus will be joined by the Balsamic or waning cresent Moon Feb 28 -Mar 2. Look for them in the pre-dawn sky toward the SE. Gary explains what the significance of this alignment is and how it plays a part in a larger process which is stripping down our ego attachments to make room for something sacred to enter our lives.

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Venus squares Saturn at the Full Moon on 2/18/11 which is the 5th consecutive Full Moon to fall in the final degree of a sign. Gary explains what both of these processes represent and gives some metaphors for how they may be manifesting in your life.

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The Lunar Nodes are crossing the Cardinal axis, along with Jupiter/Uranus and the asteroid Goddesses Vesta and Juno. Gary explains how this is manifesting in the World and how we can use the Sacred Hoop or Medicine Wheel to understand the call for inner balance that this represents.

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Adam Gainsburg of SoulSign joins Gary to help delineate the 2nd of 7 Venus conjunctions with the Balsamic or waning crescent Moon. This one is happening near the Winter Solstice point, the N Node of the Moon, and the Galactic Center! Tune in to find out what that is all about and hear Gary and Adam clarify the Scorpius/Ophiucus debate by including the two other important constellations in this part of the sky. Finally an introduction to the new Mars synodic cycle which is about to begin with Ceres alongside.

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Nor is there a 13th sign. There ARE many different Zodiacs and coordinate systems, but the Tropical Zodiac has not changed for thousands of years and won't change any time soon. Listen in as Gary explains the difference between signs and constellations, between Zodiacs and between astrologers and astronomers.

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Ceres in Aquarius and Juno in Virgo. Gary frames these transits within the parts of the Zodiac they represent and the larger context of outer planet transit cycles.

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The Descent of Inanna. On Dec 30 Venus makes the first of 7 conjunctions with the waning crescent Moon which symbolize the 7 gates Inanna passes thru on her famous Descent to the UnderWorld. Gary explains what this means on a personal level and gives some practical tools for exploring our own inner worlds.

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Total Lunar Eclipse on the winter Solstice. Tune in to hear Gary's interview by Benjamin Bernstein of the popular This Week in Astrology podcast for practical info on how to handle these chaotic energies.

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As Venus stations direct, she rapidly approaches her greatest brilliancy. Here Inanna takes up her Crown and sets off on her adventure. The first stop is her meeting with Enki, God of Wisdom. In the Monomyth, or Journey of the Heroine, this is called "the meeting with the Mentor."
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The Call to Adventure. Venus has made her appearance in the East and so the Heroine harkens for the Call to explore the special worlds. Gary explains the Call in the myth of Inanna and how to recognize the Call when it shows up in our lives. 

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Planting the Seed of Venus. Gary talks about some ways to honor Venus as a co-creative gesture to the Universe. Venus begins a new 19 month cycle this Thursday.

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Adam and Gary discuss the several phases within the Venus retrograde period and how they correlate to distinctly differentiated phenomena and experiences. Also a delineation of the chart for Venus' eventual re-birth back to visibility around November 4th.

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Retrograde Venus in Scorpio. Join Gary for a converastion with noted astrologer/historian/archivist Nick Dagan Best. We cover both the essential nature and history of this event which recurs every 8 years.

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Venus and Mars are conjunct again, for the 4th time in the last 18 months. Gary shows how to view these as a process. Being at the last part of the cycle, this one is asking us to integrate our previous experiences and lessons into our core.

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Venus is at her maximum brilliance and so is Jupiter who is soon joined by the Full Moon. What does this all mean? Come join Gary as he shares some ways for you to find out.

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Venus & Mars conjunct Spica. Gary talks about the nature of this visual alignment, what it says about the current balance between masculine and feminine and the difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs.

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Mercury retrograde. Gary puts the upcoming retrogrades of both Mercury and Venus into perspective using the lens of mytholgy and his own practical experience. Tune in for a fresh perspective on these phenomenon.

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Adam Gainsburg of SoulSign joins Gary in a discussion of the Venus-Mars conjunction which will be active for the next few months. Tune in to hear how to make the most of it!

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Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra. Gary uses some basic principles of his Taoist neo-classical approach to astrology to find meaning in this celestial meeting.

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More Eclipse info. Tune in to hear Gary's interview by Jaqui Menkes of WTAR on blogtalkradio. Of course we also talk about the Goddesses a good bit as well as Gary's upcoming Purgation Tour.

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Gary & Dena do a reprise of their popular joint podcast from a year ago. Tune in for a discussion of the Cancer and Capricorn archetypes in terms of current World events and what these eclipses mean in your life.

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Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse. Gary discusses the purposeful nature of this eclipse and how to navigate the profound personal transformation it is making available to us.

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Kelly Hunter joins Gary for a conversation on Lillith and her role in the re-emergence of the sacred Feminine.

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Venus' ingress to Cancer kicks off the Cardinal Crisis and completes a Grand Cross in the sky. Gary discusses a variety of ways to find your own center and the calm within this storm.

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Gateway to the Cardinal Crisis: Gary explains how both the Cardinal cross and Fixed Cross are being activated now. The Goddesses help personalize this developmental crisis or challenge which is beginning to crescendo for some who choose to engage it and will culminate for the entire planet this summer. 

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Mercury and Venus are shining bright in the western sky at dusk. Gary explains how they are bearing gifts in this phase of their cycles, and how Shamanic Astrology can help you receive them!

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Eclipses are the topic, and Gary explains how they are absolutely fundamental in understanding the basic concepts of Astrology and the process of Transformation which underlies Shamanic Astrology. Practical tips and timing for channeling the current Eclipse cycle are given as well as a special offer to downolad Gary's entire Eclipse workshop!

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Gary explains Shamanic Astrology, the process of Transformation and specifically the role which Pallas plays in this process. Her extended stay in Scorpio represents an opportunity to "Cry for a Dream" or undertake a Vision Quest. Delineations for each of the Zodiac signs are given.

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A discussion of the archetypal Hero/ine's journey, and listener charts, within the context of the Saturn/Uranus oppositions, Uranus/Pluto squares and the 2012 galactic alignment.

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A discussion with Adam Gainsburg of SoulSign on the upcoming Venus-Mars opposition around this month's Full Moon. There is something for everyone as we look at this through the lenses of Sumerian, Hindu, Greek and Native mythology, philosophy and spirituality!
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My good friend and colleague Jim Rodgers helps me look at the 3-step process of Transformation via the Goddesses in the chart and life of Dr. Timothy Leary. Also a look at the connection between Ceres and Shamanism.
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Join us for a discussion with the Pandora of Goddess Astrology, the one and only Demetra George!
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Gary discusses the Venus-Saturn and Juno-Uranus conjunctions in the current sky narrative. Also a demonstration of the exciting new recorded readings available from Gary in the form of another FREE listener reading!
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A discussion with Tamurile of the Godbox Cafe podcast around the Harvest Moon and other surrounding sky narratives of the moment. Also a critical analysis of Nasa's mission to bomb the Moon and what you can do about it.
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Juno is nearing perihelion and so is visible with only binoculars as she dances with the planet of Revolution, Uranus. Come find out more about the astronomy and astrology of Juno's remarkable journey!
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Gary delineates this week's Saturn-Uranus opposition, the third of five in this current series. Incredibly, the mid-point of this process is synchronous with the seed moment of the Goddess representative of the 2nd step of transformation -Pallas!
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A look at Mercury retrograde and its usefulness in the process of transformation. Also a look at Mercury's function as mediator between Nocturnal and Diurnal planets in classical astrology and how that might play out in the coming weeks.
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A look at the chart of the late Ted Kennedy who was born with Ceres rising in Capricorn. Also a look at the astounding plethora of Cancer placements in the entire Kennedy Clan and a chapter of American history closing with this Cancer eclipse.
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Gary talks about the Asteroid Goddesses and the 3-step process of transformation in the charts of The USA, President Obama, & the War in Iraq in a recent interview by Adam Sommer of the Exploring Astrology podcast.
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Gary further elucidates some of the concepts from his current article in The Mountain Astrologer via a FREE listener reading! An exploration of Venus and Ceres as Neolithic Archetypes -what Campbell called The Way of the Seeded Earth. Also a discussion of Shamanic Astrology and Chiron as representative of Paleolithic myth aka The Way of the Animal Powers.
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My recent talk for Asheville Friends of Astrology. Saturn opposite Uranus, President Obama, the Eclipse and the Goddesses in Michael Jackson's chart
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Gary talks more about the 3-step process of Transformation or Re-Birth which seems to be happening on a Global level over the next several months.
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Join us for a conversation with Dena DeCastro about the total Solar eclipse in Cancer.
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In this episode we discuss the goddess Juno. Important events surrounding her discovery and crossing of the Vernal Point of 0 Aries show us different facets of her manifestations.
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Join us for a celebrity reading of the tennis star, Venus Williams!
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We discuss the square between the Vestal New Moon and Juno/Uranus near 0 Aries with Venus/Mars at their mid-point. Also Gary demonstrates again his unique multi-discipline approach to reading charts in another FREE listener reading!
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Come join us for a celebrity chart reading as Gary delineates in his inimitable style the chart of the President of The United States of America, Barack Obama!
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Venus is beginning to close in on Mars as the two move to the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Gary explains the significance of the pair simultaneously crossing the North Bending of the Lunar Nodes and discusses the remarkable sacred geometry of ancient Goddess temples.
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Gary shares his Taoist neo-classical approach to teaching Astrology in illustrating the charts of the USA, George Washington and "the shot heard round the World."
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Gary talks about Beltane, the Astrological Elements in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and does another listener reading!
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Come explore the Jupiter, Chiron Neptune triple conjunction, check out our celebrity reading of the Governor of NC Bev Perdue and hear more about Venus in Aries and my Mercury retrograde specials!
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We have a look at the running conjunction of Venus and Mars as Venus chases Mars for 2 months until their next conjunction in June. Also a look at the Taurus New Moon and a listener reading!
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We explore the "council of the feminine" -as all the goddess planets reside near 0 degrees of a sign. Also more on the Rebirth of Venus and her upcoming dramatic conjunction with Mars in the final degree of the Zodiac!
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A special podcast -my lecture in Atlanta 3/19 on synodic cycles! Go to www.DreamAstrologer.com and join my mailing list to get the accompanying visuals via e-mail.
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Gary talks about Venus retrograde and does another Venus reading for a listener.
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Gary talks about the Tao of the moment, Taoism in classical astrology and Venus in Aries!
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Gary talks about the Lunar Eclipse, the coming descent of Venus and the Guiding Star reports now available!
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Gary talks about the Aboriginal metanarrative of the Dreamtime as well as the coming Solar Eclipse and the coming birth of several planets from the UnderWorld!
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We have a look at the Maximum Elongation of Venus –as she reaches her highest place in the western evening sky. Also a listener reading where Adam & Gary delineate the birth sign and phase of Venus!
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Adam & Gary talk about the Solstice New Moon and the birth of ....Mars? Yep, Mars will be born into visibility in the same degrees of the Zodiac that the Goddess smiled to us from on Dec 1 at the Moon, Venus, Jupiter alignment!
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The Dark Side of the...Venus! Adam & Gary discuss the astounding Venus synastry amongst the band members of Pink Floyd -as well as some upcoming Venus transits.
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My good friend Adam Gainsburg of SoulSign.com joins me to continue the discussion of the Venus journey we began back in August. Be sure not to miss the amazing triple conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter on Dec 1 !!!
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After an historic election, follow along with my narration of the African American Oddyssey and see the historical parallels with the 3-step process of Transformation of Goddess Astrology and the Asteroid Goddesses. View the charts on the Goddess Astrology MySpace Blog. Music from my Dreamastrologer profile on YouTube
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Another look at the recent Grand Cross of "minor planets" -regarding the financial crisis, both Presidential Candidates & the US chart. Also a look ahead at the synodic cycles and retrograde phases of the Goddesses.
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A further exploration of the Goddess planets in the US Sibley chart -see also the recently published partner article on MySpace or DreamAstrologer.com
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An abstract summary of my goddess work so far -in the form of an interview with Cathy Bouroughs of Astrology for the Soul -See the extended text versions with celebrity charts of Bob Dylan, Diana Ross and an historical account of the African American "Great Migration" available on the Goddess page at www.DreamAstrologer.com
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August 1 2008 - New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse edition! Special guest Adam Gainsburg from www.soulsign.com Discussing Venus, synodic cycles, metanarratives and the Solar Eclipse!
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June 18 2008 Full Moon in Cappy. In this episode we discuss the Astronomy of the Goddess Planets - Juno - and another listener chart!
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June 18 2008 Full Moon in Sagittarius, -In this episode we discuss the Astronomy of the Goddess Planets, more Synodic Cycles in a listener chart, and Re-Visioning the future by changing our patterns -our personal and meta-narratives!
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In episode 9 Gary and I reminisce a bit - talking about UAC (the United Astrology Conference), synodic cycles, sabian symbols, the Gemini New Moon, and how the podcast got started. View charts on Myspace via link at www.DreamAstrologer.com
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May 5 2008 New Moon in Taurus - A conversation on Venus and Ceres - and a-chart analysis of the 3-step process of transformation for Al Gore! View Charts and Forecasts on MySpace -find link @ www.DreamAstrologer.com
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This episode discusses the original goddess, Venus, and we examine the chart of Paul Simon using different techniques and our goddesses. For more, check out www.dreamastrologer.com
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This episode we discuss Juno, the matriarch goddess, Easter/Ostara/Vernal Equinox and your upcoming moon sign forecast. This one is a bit longer, but is worth it!
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Episode 3 covers the Goddess Pallas, your Moon Sign forecast for the New Moon of March 7, 2008, as well as the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition
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this week we discuss Vesta, the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and your lunar sign forecast. intro/music by Evrim Sen - www.evrim-sen.com
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