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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

Tune in to Explore the current celestial connections and cosmic interplay between various dyads such as Earth/Sky, Lunar/Solar and Fixed/Volatile. Discover how to alchemically break apart, transform and re-integrate these apparent opposites into a new whole.
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Jun 20, 2015

On Saturday June 20 Venus makes the 7th visible conjunction with the Moon since Her re-appearance as Evening Star. Venus is at Her greatest brilliance and so the Goddess is restoring and balancing her crown chakra -which is associated with the Moon. Tune in as Gary sums up this 7 month journey for us and explains how we...

Jun 14, 2015

Mars is in the Heart of the Sun! Gary is joined by longtime podcast contributor Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign. Tune in to hear a lively and deep conversation on the nature of this alignment, as well as the constellations which currently lie within, above and below this part of the Zodiac: Taurus the Bull, Auriga the...