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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

Tune in to Explore the current celestial connections and cosmic interplay between various dyads such as Earth/Sky, Lunar/Solar and Fixed/Volatile. Discover how to alchemically break apart, transform and re-integrate these apparent opposites into a new whole.
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Apr 25, 2011

Mercury is stationary direct in Aries and making his appearance in the Eastern sky at Dawn. This sets the stage for Mars and Jupiter's appearances over the next couple weeks. Gary explains his neo-classical approach to working with the elements and shares some tools for discerning and managing this fiery appearance in...

Apr 4, 2011

Mercury Retrograde is a signal that it is time to clear the fields of our psyche and our lives to prepare for planting the seeds of a new cycle. Listen in as Gary explains the 4 month synodic cycle of Mercury, how this organic metaphor works and why it is so practical, useful and indeed possibly even Revolutionary.