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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

Tune in to Explore the current celestial connections and cosmic interplay between various dyads such as Earth/Sky, Lunar/Solar and Fixed/Volatile. Discover how to alchemically break apart, transform and re-integrate these apparent opposites into a new whole.
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Sep 27, 2009

Juno is nearing perihelion and so is visible with only binoculars as she dances with the planet of Revolution, Uranus. Come find out more about the astronomy and astrology of Juno's remarkable journey!

Sep 13, 2009

Gary delineates this week's Saturn-Uranus opposition, the third of five in this current series. Incredibly, the mid-point of this process is synchronous with the seed moment of the Goddess representative of the 2nd step of transformation -Pallas!

Sep 3, 2009

A look at Mercury retrograde and its usefulness in the process of transformation. Also a look at Mercury's function as mediator between Nocturnal and Diurnal planets in classical astrology and how that might play out in the coming weeks.