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Hermetic Astrology Podcast

Tune in to Explore the current celestial connections and cosmic interplay between various dyads such as Earth/Sky, Lunar/Solar and Fixed/Volatile. Discover how to alchemically break apart, transform and re-integrate these apparent opposites into a new whole.
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Aug 11, 2012

After 4 months in Gemini, Venus has finally moved into Cancer, where She is forming a Cardinal t-square to the transpersonal outer planets Uranus and Pluto.
Gary breaks this all down, first in terms of the Venus visual or synodic cycle and also in terms of the much longer cycle regarding the recent Transit of Venus, the last we will see in our lives. This is the personal Revolution, which is taking place over the next 7 months.
Next, Gary breaks down the Uranus-Pluto cycle, which frames the current squares, in order to clarify what the current collective or Trans-personal Revolution seems to really be about.
Gary then puts it all back together to describe how we can first enter into a personal Revolution, which is then put into service toward the collective Revolution